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Who Am I?

My name is Nick Mabee, and I am a Communications Strategist.

I am a May 2018 Graduate of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with my B.A. in Communication Studies and a Minor in Leadership. I am looking for opportunities to bring my skills to organizations in a Communications/IT Specialist capacity.

Work Process




Much like the design process follows steps to define, analyze, and improve, the process of Observation, Interpretation, Intervention is used in project management. I choose this process because it allows me to fully take in the scope of a problem/intervention needed by both observing surface level information and critically interpreting those observations. This allows me to completely understand an issue before taking action on it.

Why is this important?

I believe this is the best process for management of projects which will be seen in public view. The process focuses both on the original statement to solve as well as outside factors including both cultural research and understanding being that companies, both public and private, are adapting to a growing world and audience.

Remember recent public image controversies like Pepsi, Seoul Secret, or Dove? Turns out some press is bad press, and it isn’t good for organizations. This process coupled with my experience will avoid putting the organization in a bad public light.



Oct 2018 – Current

IT & Communications Coordinator

LEAD-UP | Univeristy of Minnesota
  • Develop, implement, and oversee IT Policy relating to equipment and software including equipment reservation and checkout and equipment/software purchasing
  • Maintain and expand departmental communications policy related to branding and internal/external communications including email marketing, website management, and video production
  • Create and test documents and communications to ensure materials are accessible by all audiences

Dec 2015 – May 2018

IT & Communications Specialist

Leadership Minor | Univeristy of Minnesota
  • Managed wide array of projects including design work, university events and policy development
  • Developed departmental marketing, communications & branding guidelines
  • Headed departmental re-branding efforts including web & social media presence and marketing copy
    • Re-designed and coded the departmental website
    • Wrote, directed, and edited promotional and informational videos
    • Ensured materials were accessible by those who were unable to access materials via conventional
  • Worked with a diverse audience including students, faculty, and staff at the University as well as those
    outside of the University Community

Jun 2010 – Sep 2016


Nick Mabee Design
  • Started video production company and expanded to providing both web and graphic design services
  • Worked with both local and international clients using a variety of communication methods
  • Managed independently contracted employees, projects, and work efforts

Sep 2014 – Jan 2016

Web, Media, & Emergency Services Coordinator

Scott County Fair
  • Designed and implemented social media and web communications strategies
  • Developed emergency management plan for event attended by over 25,000 individuals
  • Fostered relationships with local and statewide vendors for various fair materials and services




Bachelor of Arts, Communication

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

My four year B.A. at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities focused on my major of Communications Studies and my minor Leadership. This wide range of studies & experiences has prepared me to work in a diverse work environment in the Communications or IT field with the Leadership Minor being especially effective when working across cultures and in teams.


Diploma with Honors

Shakopee High School

As a Shakopee High School student, I was involved with many community groups – mainly focusing on marketing/PR. I also did drama senior year, and made all programs, posters, and postcards for the department, with them becoming a freelance client upon my graduation.

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Relevant Skills

Public Speaking

Social Media Strategy

Leadership Development

Office Applications

Adobe Creative Suite

Teamwork & Management

Community Outreach



Linnette Werner

Director / UMN Leadership Minor

Nick has been integral to the success of our office during his time here. He sees the big picture as well as the details and is adept at working through difficult problems until they are solved. He has become a team leader and provides guidance and mentorship to his teammates.

Anna Capeder

Anna Capeder

Academic Systems Coordinator / UMN Leadership Minor

I’ve had the pleasure of supervising Nick Mabee for the past two years in the University of Minnesota Leadership Minor Office. Throughout this time, I’ve watched Nick perfect not only his amazing technical skills, but also evolve in countless other ways, including his presentation skills, interpersonal office skills, confidence, and ability to not only start a project, but finish it with relatively little assistance. Nick has a natural ability to identify unmet needs and problem solve to ensure a low-cost, effective, and user-friendly solution. Throughout his short two years in the Leadership Minor, Nick has significantly improved our image, including creating brand new websites, standardizing branding, creating standardized templates, etc. I would highly recommend Nick!

civic engagement

I believe that it is a civic duty to get out and volunteer with the community in order to help further its development. Below are just a few of the various organizations I am/have been involved with.



Media Specialist

Shakopee Dollars for Scholars
  • Review and update website for timely needs
  • Work on fliers and other marketing material when needed


Campaign Communications Specialist

Mary4MN Congressional Candidate, House District 55A
  • As the communications adviser to the campaign of Mary Hernandez for Minnesota State Representative, my job is to
    • Update the campaign’s social media and website
    • Check in on campaign-related emails and provide responses
  • Allowed me to explore various aspects of design work for campaign materials as well as working with Information Technology systems


Board Member

Student Conduct Board, University of Minnesota
  • Review student and staff disciplinary rulings
  • Re-assign sanctions and learning activities for behavior as necessary


Board Member

Scott County Extension Advisory Committee
  • Review extension activities
  • Make appropriate recommendations to staff


Communications & PR Director

Shakopee Diversity Alliance
  • Develop and maintain SDA website and business directory
  • Coordinate media efforts
  • Design all brochures, business cards, etc.



Scott County 4-H & 4-H Executive Board
  • Plan and implement childrens activities and day-camps
  • Served as Youth Representative, Vice President, and Treasurer
  • Manage 4-H Building During County Fair
  • Direct youth and adult volunteers

work samples

Marketing & Branding Plans

Leadership Education and Development – Undergraduate Programs | Branding Guideline Document

Leadership Enrichment Programs | 5 Year Strategic Plan (Branding, design, and some content editing)

Nick Mabee Design | Marketing Plan (made for a class at the University of Minnesota as a group)

Research Work

Political Advertising Disclosure Regulations on Facebook (Senior Thesis) | Research Paper

Educational Inequality in Hennepin County (Group) | Research Paper | Multiple Strategies for Intervention

Informal Published Blog Posts

My Journey Seeking to Understand #BlackLivesMatter | Views from the Leadership

Produced Videos

Engaging Young Leaders Promo | University of Minnesota Leadership Minor

Company Promotional Video | Aquatic Recreation Company

Promotional Video | Musicals with a Mission

Wedding Video Sample

hire me

In November of 2018, I started madcap creative.

madcap (a): not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed. This was the founding principle of my company – to do things differently.  madcap creative was formed in 2018 for one reason: to make professional creative services available to small business & non-profits.

Visit madcap here or at madcapmn.co


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